Well, the 1st NTK race of the 2003 season
was cancelled. Water was seeping onto
the track making driving conditions unsafe.

Initially this was a great disappointment to
us. But as luck would have it our friends,
Denis Boulle, and his son Nicky, invited us
to be their guests at Motorsports Ranch!
Nicky races karts with Ansel and Austin
in the Junior Super Sportsman class.

Here is Ansel ready to ride shotgun in a Ferrari Challenge Cup F355!

Ansel & Mr. Boulle tearing up the track!

Ansel & Austin took turns with Mr Boulle driving them
several laps around the track at up to 135 mph.

Here is Austin getting ready to go for a
spin in the Ferrari Challenge Cup F355.

Austin and Mr. Boulle all ready to go

Now try as he might, Gene was just not able
to squeeze into the passenger side of the
Ferrari Challenge Cup F355. It's built for
little short Italians, not big tall Texans!

Oh Well! The next best thing was renting a
Mazda Miata, which had unlimited head
room (with the top down).

Gene and Austin driving the Mazda
Miata at almost 90 mph.

As if riding in the Ferrari Challenge Cup F355
wasn't enough fun, Mr. Boulle asked Ansel if he
would like to drive his Formula Mazda. Ansel
eagerly accepted the invitation!

The shift pattern of the 5-speed
gear box is being explained to Ansel.

Ansel had never driven a car with a
clutch before & needed some instruction
on how and when to change gears.

There was some discussion on the use
of right or left foot braking. The car is
primarily shifted (both up and downshifts)
without the use of the clutch by careful
engine/drive train RPM matching.

There were a lot of adjustments to make
so Ansel could fit properly in the car.

A few more last minute driving tips.

There's no turning back now!

Ansel at over 100 mph!

Oh Yeah! Now this is driving!

Ansel drove for a 30 minute session.
It didn't take him long to get the hang
of shifting up and down around the turns.
The Road Course is 1.7 miles long, is 40 feet
wide, has 11 turns, off camber turns, elevation
changes, and is designed to be run either
or counter-clockwise.

All in all it was a great day at the track!

Boy that was a blast!

Austin wasn't quite big enough
to drive, maybe in a couple of

Austin checking out the controls.

If only my legs were a little bit longer!


We had an awesome time at
Motorsports Ranch. Ansel &
Austin had an experience of
a lifetime they'll never forget!

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