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    I have ready to go blueprinted "hybrid" dry clutches in stock.
    They are slightly lighter but considerably more durable than
    the stock HDC.

    Gaddy clutches are custom built from scratch, combining
    the best parts available from different manufacturers.

  • Cryogenic treated 6 finger friction disc from the HPV clutch.
  • Horstman Cryogenic treated pressure and back plates.
  • The Horst-Barrier coating on the plates is re-surfaced with a
    finer grit than the stock rough texture.
  • Two different gram-weight levers are in stock, depending on your application.
  • Matched, peened, and color coded springs in 4 different wire gauge sizes, fit for your application.
  • SPS Titanium Torq-set adjuster screws.
  • Tomar or Gaddy Lightweight retainers.
  • Billet heat treated 12 finger drums in 10 or 11 tooth with graphite inpregnated bushing.
  • A top dead center & keyway locator marking is machined into the pressure plate cover.
  • The clutch is assembled with anti-friction coating on the wear surfaces of the threads, pins, and levers.
  • A Torq-set screw adjusting tool is included.
  • The springs are pre-set with a dial indicator gauge at a height that should have you ready to race.
The full blueprinted version is $360.


We have new un-modified "stock" HDC4 clutches in stock for $286.

We can rebuild and resurface your existing HDC clutch.
The cost is $60 plus parts.

Normal parts required for a full
clutch blueprint are:

  • Pivot pins
  • Matched springs
  • LW retainers
  • Titanium adjusters or SPS
    Un-Brako (for 8-32 thread equipped pressure plates)
  • HPV cryo friction disc
  • Billet drum

    Parts total $120-$130.

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